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Challenge check in day 14- Lean, clean and green

Okay so its Monday, okay so I did not get up for my planned workout, okay so I have work and attend  a LONG BORING class today….

I have still eaten to my plan from yesterday…YAY!!!

I have also been walking everywhere and even logged in a lunchime quickie with a co-worker (WALK that is!). I plan on watching a little Hart of dixie and doing some elliptical tonight (30 min) and 3 x sunkissed abs workout found at (as per the challenge).


Tonight they have challenged us to lay of starches and I plan on it! I have also been reading about how to eat to sleep better. Check it out:

Although I snack on healthy fruit at night, turns out I may need to make some adjustments! Also I have finally planned my meals for the week (Dinners which are always hard):

Mon: Quinoa and veggies

Tues: Turkey loafs found here:

 Wed: Porc tenderloin and salad

Thursday: SLow cooker chicken and Salsa:

Friday: TBD!

I also plan on making  some muffins, oatmeal bites:

 and some amazeballs:

On another note my hubby got nominated for an award at work! YAY!

I also had a great experience (in and out in 15 min) at the college bookstore today. I got al my books and Im relieved. Now if only I was prepared for class today:( 

Okay off to class! I will check in with the fitbit stats tonight! Also with my meal planning for tomorrow! Planning is also part of the challenge! I love feeling organized!

Life is to live and Love!




Omg zuzkalight…try something new Thursday

Okay try not to laugh at that horrible pic! But that was after a 23 min workout by zukalight on you tube


Im doing the tone it up challenge and its try something new Thursday, so I tried this workout! Holycrap!! Highly recommended for those looking to have a great workout!!!Laugh at my pic, but youll look like that too! LOL

So meals check in:

M1: 2 x whole wheat Toast with natural PB
M2: Latte, Cottage cheese with crockpot apples (recipe in yesterdays post)
M3: Pasta bake from skinny Ms. ( I also added broccoli!
M4: Cliff bar with 10 carrots and a little fruit juice
M5: Sushi (Yummers!)

Okay so I havent made my miles yet for he challenge so I am off to do some elliptical and watch some hard of dixie!

Life is to live and love!!

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