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Like me on facebook:)

Like me on facebook:)

Ive decided to complicate my life and also make myself a facebook site for the blog! I feel like its and easier way to post new blogs and comment on like minded and similar blogs! Add me if you love life, health, fitness and food:)


Good morning or afternoon! I am a little bored…

So, if you read yesterdays post I was totally craving something naughty to eat……….popso I did have some tea and some popcorn (popped in my machine) with no butter (just a little parm). Totally hit the spot:) I really recommend this as a snack. You really get used to the no butter/salt and you actually start liking the taste!

So Im feeling pretty bored now with all this time off. As most of my friends are busy today and the hubby is still away this is my plan:

1. Make some cocoa dusted almonds (from the Tone it up recipe section if you are part of the community). I will make these for my road trip tomorrow. I am a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding and we are going to another city to go dress shopping!!

2. I will finalize my school application

3. Respond to all e-mails

4. Clean sheets and do some chores

5. Work out: So I plan on doing 40 min of elliptical (we need to do 40 min of cardio for the TIU challenge and one of their workouts found here:, I will also complete a 15 min beach booty workout from the TIU beach babe dvd. My bum is one area I ALWAYS have to work on.

6. Watch tv LOL Im trying to dl the firt season of GRIMM which was recommended to me

7. Put away the xmas decorations:( BOOOOO

Im glad the weekend is packed as I am feeling a little confined to my home.

SO far for eats I have had an English muffin for breaky (no pics) and one protein cookie and an apple as a snack. I will check in fully with my stats at the end of the day!

What do you guys do when you are bored???

Live is to live and love!


Snack to energize for NYE!


Yummy berry smoothie. Recipe
found at

New Years eve!

So tonight is the big night for a fresh new year!

So, to start off my day (after going to the clinic for something minor), I decided to do the Jillian Micheal’s extreme shed and shred. Pretty good workout! Not very cardio but got the heart rate up and was certainly very different then her other workouts. A fusion of yoga, weights, plyrometrics, etc. kept is very interesting!

Throughout the holidays I have been trying to work out and walk a lot trying to make sure I don’t gain too much holiday weight. Although I have gained a few, I’m still proud that I’m sticking to my workouts, but also enjoying food and time with the fam NOT feeling guilty. For christmas I got a fitbit (, which tracks all my movements (so cool!). I am amazed at how much time I spend sitting. So I looked up ways to break up sedentary time and found this great read: Take a look! Although we may get in our daily workouts, its still very important to break up your time spent sitting down. The best and most applicable advice I heard from a fellow blogger ( was to drink water all day long and it forces you to get up and go visit the loo. You get your H2O and you get moving (herbal tea work as well!).

As for my eats for today I started the day off with a whole wheat English muffin with all natural pb and a big glass of milk (and my multi-vitamin). For lunch, I just ate an apple and cheese whole wheat crepe with a few walnuts. Next blog Ill take some pics!

Did you get your workout in for today?

Are you breaking up your sedentary time?

Life is to live and love


p.s still no resolutions, but I think my next blog will focus on my goals and what I want to accomplish in the next year. Image

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