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Healthy low fat banana bread recipe


Here is a yummy banana bread recipe I wanted to share for all of you!


Combine in a large bowl:
1 c EACH whole wheat and white flour
1/2 tsp salt (I omit this)
1/2 tsp soda
1 tsp baking powder

Combine separately:
2 lg very ripe bananas mashed
1/3 cup apple sauce
2 eggs
*1/2 c brown sugar or sucanat
1/2 c milk or substitute
zest of a lemon or orange (optional)
2 tsp vanilla or 1 Tbsp dark rum

Mix wet and dry until just incorporated.

Optional: Fold in approximately:
1/2 c chopped walnuts or pecans
1/3 – 1/2 c dark chocolate pieces
1/2 c chopped dates OR apricots OR any of your fave dried fruit
Sprinkle with cinnamon and stevia lightly

How to make it

Pour into a generously greased and dusted loaf pan – any smallish pan will work.
Bake at 350 for about 50 min – a toothpick inserted in center should come out clean.
Wait 10 minutes before removing from pan and placing on a rack to cool.
Enjoy ūüôā
* For sugar-free or a lower-sugar banana bread, replace the sugar with 1/3c of unsweetened fruit juice concentrate (apple, orange, white grape), agave syrup, maple syrup or honey.

This had been adapted from:

There you go! Enjoy!

Live is to live and love!


Weekend check in!

Hey all!

I have had a really packed weekend full of dinner, birthdays and unfortunately a funeral today. …

Makes you appreciate life every day and every special moment! I’ve been in heaven since the hubby came home. Here’s a pic of us at a wedding a few months ago:)


Okay so I won’t go over my meals this weekend. I did eat a lot¬†of¬†fruits and veggies, but I had too much pasta¬†Friday¬†and a whole bunch of chips yesterday, which I really regret!!¬†

Saturday I did 1.5 hours of hot yoga with the hubby and had a soccer game at night. Fitbit stats:

8816 steps taken
 12 floors climbed
 3.87 miles traveled
 2036 calories burned
 703 active score 

Today (Sunday), ¬†I woke up and did a 30 min HIIT workout. If you follow the TIU girls Karena Dawn is one of the fitness models in the workout I did (Women’s¬†health, look better naked dvd). So funny! She looks different…..I can’t point out what it is though…

I plan on going for a long walk with the dog today! I have to make the 2.2 miles and more from the challenge!!

As for this week my workout plan:

Mon: Jillian M. Killer abs

Tues: TIU Bikini sculpt and 30 min Cardio

Wed: HIIT and Beach Booty

THUR: A ZUZKA workout and cadrio

FRI: Active rest day

SAT: TABATA workout

All my friends and I go this great deal at a gym to try some new classes! I cant wait!!

I need to plan some dinner meals as well! I need some inspiration!! Any help!

Have a great one!

Life is to llve and love!


Omg zuzkalight…try something new Thursday

Okay try not to laugh at that horrible pic! But that was after a 23 min workout by zukalight on you tube


Im doing the tone it up challenge and its try something new Thursday, so I tried this workout! Holycrap!! Highly recommended for those looking to have a great workout!!!Laugh at my pic, but youll look like that too! LOL

So meals check in:

M1: 2 x whole wheat Toast with natural PB
M2: Latte, Cottage cheese with crockpot apples (recipe in yesterdays post)
M3: Pasta bake from skinny Ms. ( I also added broccoli!
M4: Cliff bar with 10 carrots and a little fruit juice
M5: Sushi (Yummers!)

Okay so I havent made my miles yet for he challenge so I am off to do some elliptical and watch some hard of dixie!

Life is to live and love!!

Challenge day 7!

Hi All!

Im posting yesterdays stats today! The hubby came home and I was busy catching up! His fam spoiled me:) We also got some very exciting news, which I cannot announce yet! :):):)

M1: 2 TIU muffins and some berries:


M2: Veggies

M3:Quinoa, feta, chicken and veggies meddley and 2 TIU 3 ingredient cookies

M4: Protein bar and a small ammount of chillie (finally its finished!!!)

M5: Greek yogurt, berries and one muffin

I toally ate too many muffins! I need to plan my meals better for school and work days!!!

For my workouts I did a 20 min kickboxing workout in the am (Jillian) and I walked A TON getting to and from class, walking home!

Fitbit stats:
Steps: 9151
Floors climed: 29
cals burnt:1960

Its crazy that walking around all day burns more calories and gets you more fitness points then that full hour of working out at the gym!!

Today I am going to get in the 45 min cardio section of the 90 day system (its a dvd). I think we are going to go to costco tonight to load up on groceries!! I love costco!!!

Life is to live and love!


Back to work….and school!

Yuck! Back to work, but at least the hubby is coming home today! I have been looking up courses him and I can do together as a couple. I woudl love to do a cooking course so he can learn how to cook a little:) It woudl help out a lot if our family ends up growing:)

I have my first class back to school tonight! I hope I am not the eldest in the class he he….

SO how are you guys sticking to your resolutions?

I havent really made any, but I would like to drink green tea everyday, go to bed by 10:30 EVERY night during the week, continue with my cutting diet soda (been almost 3 weeks! minus one drink NYE) and drink more water. Also, in a perfect world I would love to manage my stress in the best way possible. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to manage stress? I find my weekly hot yoga class helps but I need more!!

Thats it for now! I will check in with my eats and challenge stats at the end of the day!

Live is to live and love!

Trying a new hairstyle!

As you all know I LOVE this blog for beauty and hair advice:

I tried this hairstyle today:

hairI think it looks pretty cool! I have a bit more layers so I get the messier look but I think its a success! ūüôā

On another note! Throwing this: in the slow cooker for lunches and dinners for the week:)

Check in late today!

Life is to live and love!


Check in day 5….TIU challenge!

SO….not another AMAZING eating day, but I did have a blast with the girls on our little road trip to try on dresses for a good¬†friends¬†wedding:)

M1: I have over night protein oats (you mix half cup oat half cup milk (whatever milk you like), one scoop chocolate protein powder, some flax if you have, leave it over night and add a banana on top in the am, delish!)

M2: Skinny chai latte

M3: salad, veggies and chicken….

then it all went to hell! LOL

I snacked on nuts, chocolate, jelly beans….argh!

M4: A little pasta

then I had pita with cheese and a bowl of cereal! ARGH!!

Oh well! Today will be a better day!

For my workout I had a soccer game!

Fitbit stats;


Floors: 10

Miles: 3.41

cals burnt: 2107

AT least I made my workout goals for the TIU challenge and I drank a lot of h20! Today I started the day with 3 eggos and some strawberries and blueberries. I ate a little more because its more like a brunch! Im going to see the movie  DJANGO. Should be awesome!! Ill let you know!


Ill check in with pics tonight!

Live is to live and love!


Good morning or afternoon! I am a little bored…

So, if you read yesterdays post I was totally craving something naughty to eat……….popso I did have some tea and some popcorn (popped in my machine) with no butter (just a little parm). Totally hit the spot:) I really recommend this as a snack. You really get used to the no butter/salt and you actually start liking the taste!

So Im feeling pretty bored now with all this time off. As most of my friends are busy today and the hubby is still away this is my plan:

1. Make some cocoa dusted almonds (from the Tone it up recipe section if you are part of the community). I will make these for my road trip tomorrow. I am a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding and we are going to another city to go dress shopping!!

2. I will finalize my school application

3. Respond to all e-mails

4. Clean sheets and do some chores

5. Work out: So I plan on doing 40 min of elliptical (we need to do 40 min of cardio for the TIU challenge and one of their workouts found here:, I will also complete a 15 min beach booty workout from the TIU beach babe dvd. My bum is one area I ALWAYS have to work on.

6. Watch tv LOL Im trying to dl the firt season of GRIMM which was recommended to me

7. Put away the xmas decorations:( BOOOOO

Im glad the weekend is packed as I am feeling a little confined to my home.

SO far for eats I have had an English muffin for breaky (no pics) and one protein cookie and an apple as a snack. I will check in fully with my stats at the end of the day!

What do you guys do when you are bored???

Live is to live and love!


NYE hair

Hey all!
So here is a pic of me dancing with my friends on NYE. I’m showing you this pic because it is the best view of my hair:) Many people asked me that night how I did my hair so I’m telling you a secret:
This is where I get most of my beauty (makeup, looks, hair) ideas. She is amazing. The do I had is called the 3 min updo! It was a hit and SUPER easy!


SO there you have it!
Day 3 of the TIU challenge for me! I’m already taking pics of my eats, but I plan on doing the Jillian Michaels kickboxing for my cardio today and I am going to HOT yoga with 2 of my grilfreinds! Ive been cooped up inside and I am excited to get out there for a bit! T-4 until the hubby gets home!

Life is to live and love


Challenge day 2- off to a good start!

Hey all! Here are my first day eats, so officially its day 2 of the challenge but day 1 for me he he (yesterday was a write off)

Meal 1: Breakfast: Protein pancake (recipe here:

Meal 2: PB and chocolate protein shake:

Meal 3:Shrimp, veggies and Quinoa:

Meal 4: Pre workout snack: Greek yogurt, walnuts and blueberries

Meal 5: For dinner I’m having chilli (recipe here: with a little avocado on top:) Yum!!

So as for my fitbit stats (by 7pm):
stairs: 5
miles: 2.28 (made the 2.2 goal of the day!!)
cals burnt (based on height, weight gender and activity that day: 1595 (I think its an approx)


Just a little image of me on the elliptical my husband and I bought for the home:)

I did complete Jillian Michaels killer abs level 3 (its tough!!!), 22 min of cardio and the Tone it up workout found here: today! But I definitely spent too much time sitting today!

I never realized the work it took to post pics and track your life! But its pretty cool! Apparently 30 people read the blog today, so cool!!!

I feel good today, a bit lonely but I have girl day planned tomorrow: Yoga, coffee and movie night with 2 of my fave ladies:) Although Ive been having weird health issues (I wont go into detail), Im feeling optimistic about the future!

If you haven’t signed up for the challenge, I totally would!!! Go to to sign up! My goals are just to cut back on sweets and fake sugar, up my energy and to love my body!!

Live is to live and love!


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