Back to work….and school!

Yuck! Back to work, but at least the hubby is coming home today! I have been looking up courses him and I can do together as a couple. I woudl love to do a cooking course so he can learn how to cook a little:) It woudl help out a lot if our family ends up growing:)

I have my first class back to school tonight! I hope I am not the eldest in the class he he….

SO how are you guys sticking to your resolutions?

I havent really made any, but I would like to drink green tea everyday, go to bed by 10:30 EVERY night during the week, continue with my cutting diet soda (been almost 3 weeks! minus one drink NYE) and drink more water. Also, in a perfect world I would love to manage my stress in the best way possible. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to manage stress? I find my weekly hot yoga class helps but I need more!!

Thats it for now! I will check in with my eats and challenge stats at the end of the day!

Live is to live and love!


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  1. veggiebentolove on

    Yoga is great for managing stress – I live about 4 hours away from hot yoga, but I’ve heard good things. I make sure I take time to get rest every day, and I supplement with B vitamins, as there is a link between their deficiency and stress, and so I make sure I’m covered!

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