Challenge day 6


SO today Im not feeling great:( I have neck problems (spasimsms, tightness, etc.) which is a pain and gives me a lot of headaches. It comes and it goes and right now its here:( SO I will still try and get some elliptical in to make the 2.2 challenge today! But I will take it pretty easy.

I went to go see DJANGO! If I had to review it Id give it an 8.5 on 10! It was pure Quentin T. and all actors were incredible. BUT VERY VIOLENT AND GORY and not recommended to all those who do not like such a thing! But if you like QT’s style go see it!!!!!

As for my check in for the TUI challenge:

M1: Whole wheat waffles with some fruit

M2: Snack at the movies (no pic), I brought an apples, nuts and dried apricot

M3: Chilli

M4: TIU cookie

M5: TBD…..

I’m not too hungry today!

SO my hubby is coming home tomorrow and my vaca officially ends…good and a bad….plus I start school which will be fun!

How are all you other TIU girls doing?
Life is to live and love!


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  1. veggiebentolove on

    I’m a huge QT fan (to date my age, my friend’s dad managed to get a bootlegged laser disk copy of Reservoir Dogs for us to watch long before it was released in the UK), and would love to see Django – haven’t had much time to get out to see a movie lately though.

    Nicely done on the meal planning – your dishes look great! I don’t really plan, but I think in terms of keeping it clean when packing lunch and snacks for the next day, and I base dinner around tasty veggies…

    • erina35 on

      Hey! You have to see the movie! Its great! Although I had to close my eyes 3 times at gory parts! But there is a lot of humor in this movie and the acting is phenomenal! Everyone in the theater was buzzing in a positive way!

      Keep on eating your veggies:)

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